Saturday, March 28, 2009

Judge/Prosecutor/Police Perjury In Michigan: People v Aceval

People v Alexander Aceval is a still-pending case that lays bare the worst instance of public corruption in the history of Michigan jurisprudence, a vertically integrated perjury conspiracy where a sitting county Circuit Judge, the Chief of the Drug Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office of Michigan’s most populous county, and two police officers, amongst others presently uncharged, conspired together to falsify not merely trial testimony, but proofs in every proceeding from warrant swear-to, to preliminary exam, to evidentiary hearings, to jury trial, to corruptly-declared mistrial, to post-trial cover-up, to second falsified trial, leading to appeal after appeal,and finally, on March 25, 2009, to criminal charges carrying up to life in prison against the involved judge, prosecutor, and police, while the client continues to fight to over turn his conviction from his state prison cell.

The author believes that the allegations of public corruption would never have been taken seriously without the unusual amount of media attention the case has received. Enlisting web-wide fair public scrutiny and public opinion of the actions and conduct of all sides can only result in greater public awareness of how our system of justice system works, and doesn’t work, and contribute to its improvement. Right On? Read on!

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